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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)

Our research focuses on the optical and electronic properties of emerging semiconductors for low-cost, transformative electronics applications including light-harvesting (e.g. photovoltaic) and light-emission (eg LED) devices. We use optical spectroscopy to understand material and device photophysics on a range of length and time scales, and relate these characteristics directly to local chemical, structural and morphological properties through multimodal measurements. This provides a unique platform to discover new semiconducting materials, unveil power loss mechanisms in devices, guide innovative device designs, and push device performance to the limits. Our developed devices and in-situ and in-operando imaging approaches are applicable to a range of fields including energy materials, medical imaging and biological systems. We also have a strong emphasis in the group on making our work accessible to the public through a number of outreach and media activities.


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 RoyalSocietyFunding                               Faraday Institute European Commission

We acknowledge generous support from the European Research Council (HYPERION), the Royal Society, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Faraday Institute and the European Commission.