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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)




StranksLab Group BBQ

-July 2024



StranksLab Group Social: Punting!

-July 2024


StranksLab Group Social: Pottery Painting with Crafty Monkey

- June 2024

Happy Birthday Professor Sam Stranks!
-June 2024


Stranks Lab Social: Competitive Mini Golf

-May 2024

Strankslab Christmas Party

-December 2023

Research Day Dinner at Clare College

-October 2023

The StranksLab Pub Quiz Team

-October 2023

Group Dinner hosting visitors Professors Mercouri Kanatzidis & Hairen Tan

-September 2023

Group Punting Social

-July 2023

A spontaneous birthday celebration in Kapitza

-June 2023

Strankslab Group BBQ

-June 2023

Congratulations & Goodbye to Affan!

-May 2023

Strankslab at Diamond Light Source

-March 2023

Group Bowling Social

-February 2023

Strankslab declare victory at the CEB Olympics! 

-January 2023

Group Christmas Party

-December 2022

Group Retreat - Lake District

-September 2022

Group BBQ

- June 2022

Group Retreat

-September 2021

Group BBQ

-July 2021

Virtual Group Research Day 2020

-November 2020

Zoom Cake\

Zoom 'Cake Break'

-March 2020



Group Christmas Party

-December 2019


 Escape Rooms

Escape Room Evening

-October 2019


 Thomas Lunch

Lunch with Thomas Kirchartz

-October 2019



Group BBQ

-August 2019



Group Retreat, Peak District

-August 2019



Winter School & Skiing, Austria

-March 2019


bowling1  Bowling2

Bowling Night

-February 2019


OE Xmas Party

-December 2018


Pub night!

-October 2018



Punting Day

-September 2018



StranksLab @Eddington

-August 2018



StranksLab BBQ

-August 2018