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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)


Current Open Vacancies In the Group:

PhD Studentship: Characterising Interfaces to Drive Next-Generation Halide Perovskite Development, working together with Swift Solar. Apply here by May 16th 2024.


Post-Doctoral Positions

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us as a post-doctoral researcher. Any formal open positions will be advertised on this page. Candidates could also consider applying for one of the following fellowships -- please get in touch if eligible and interested.

PhD and Student Positions

Please find here information about applications for PhD programs including relevant deadlines. Please find details of funding opportunities here and here. The primary sources of funding are as follows, though it is also worth exploring the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centres, the Winton Studentships, and other sources of funding outside the University.

Home Fee Status: 

  • Research Council Studentships (PhD only)

Overseas Fees Status:

Please take careful note of the deadlines, which can be up to a year before the October start date. Funding application deadlines usually require submission by early December, but for some funders this can be as early as October.

Potential visiting and intern students should get in touch.