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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)


Camille Stavrakas

Géraud Delport

R&D Engineer, PsiQuantum


Permanent Scientist, CNRS Paris





Krzysztof Galkowski

Felix Lang

Assistant Professor, University of Wroclaw


Humboldt Fellow, University of Potsdam





Dominik Kubicki

Linsong Cui


Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Assistant Professor, University of Science

and Technology of China





Zahra Andaji-Garmaroudi

Juliane Borchert

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Pavia

Group Leader, Fraunhofer ISE





Alan Bowman

Beth Tennyson

Postdoctoral researcher, EPFL

Centre for Global Equality











Visiting Students/Interns:

Daniel Ramirez (University of Antioquia, 6 months 2017/2018)

Zhuo (Joe) Yang (CNRS-Toulouse, February 2017)

Tingjun Zhang (Undergraduate Summer Student, 2018)

Rosemonde Chahbazian (Paris Sarclay, Summer 2019)

Nathan Daem (University of Liege, February 2020)

Pau Molet (ICMAB, Spain, May/June 2021)

Bianca Gevers (University of Pretoria, Oct/Nov 2021)

Jiawei Chen (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 1 year 2022/2023)

Renjun Guo (Technical University Munich, April - June 2022)


MPhil Students:

Zelun Li (with Prof. Clemens Kaminski, 2018/2019)


NanoDTC Mini Projects:

Taylor Uekert (with Dr Hannah Joyce, 2017)

Bluebell Drummond (with Dr Laura Torrente and Dr Robert Hoye,


Joshua Tuffnell (with Prof. Rachel Oliver, 2018)

Eduardo Camarillo-Abad (with Prof. Rachel Oliver, 2018/2019)

Jien Tan (with Prof. Stephan Hofmann, 2019/2020)

Jiratheep Pruchyathamkorn (with Dr. Tom Bennett, 2019/2020)

Anna Scheeder (with Dr Miguel Anaya and Prof. Clemens Kaminski,


Molly Davis (with Prof. Cate Ducati, 2020/2021)

Alasdair Tew (with Dr Hannah Joyce, 2020/2021)

Oyedamola Asiyanbola (with Prof. Paul Midgley, 2021)

Rachel Matthews (with Prof. Steve Lee, 2021/2022)

Timothy Lambden (with Prof. Henning Sirringhaus, 2021/2022)

Anish Chaluvadi (with Prof. Paul Midgley, 2022)

James Steele (with Dr. Alex Forse, 2022)

Thomas Selby (with Prof. Rachel Evans, 2021/2022)


Sensor CDT Mini Projects:

Anna-Pia Marty (2020/2021)


CPES CDT Mini Projects:

Ran Chen (2020/2021)


Graphene CDT Short Project:

Alexander Vladimirov (2018)


MPhil in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise:

Ruyi Huang (2018)


Physics Part III Project Students:

Kilian Lohmann (2016/2017)

Harry Jones (2017/2018)

Shaoni Kar (2018/2019)

William Drake (2018/2019)

Jack Huang (2020/2021)

Eleanor Toms (2020/2021)


Physics Part II Summer Students:

Xian Wei Chua (2021)



Ellis Birch (2020/2021)

Simon King (2020/2021)

Eloise Chrisite (2021/2022) - winner of presentation prize