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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)


Camille Stavrakas

Zelun Li

Camille was a NanoDTC PhD student focusing on novel microscale luminescence approaches and determining connections between local luminescence and local chemical and structural properties in perovskites. She finished her PhD in August 2019.

Zelun was a master student focusing on two-dimensional perovskites for light-emitting applications. He was a member of Downing College. He was jointly supervised by Prof. Clemens Kaminski (CEB) and Dr. Sam Stranks. Finished August 2019.

William Drake

Shaoni Kar

The aim of William's part III project was to understand how the structures in a solar cell affect the light management on all length scales, with a particular focus on optimising the textured architectures in perovskite-silicon tandem devices to maximise light absorption and photon recyling. This involved a combination of analytical and computational methods alongside experimental measurements of spatially resolved photoluminescence, transmission and reflection spectra. Outside of Physics, William is a keen jazz pianist, cyclist and hill walker. Finished May 2019. PhD student with Prof Neil Greenham since Oct 2019.

After her undergraduate at the University of Delhi in India, Shaoni joined Cavendish for an MASt in Physics. As her Part III Project, she will be trained in the design and fabrication of photonic structures based on metal oxide layers by solution processing methods. The photophysical properties of these systems will then be characterised through various techniques. Beyond physics, she teaches and performs Indian classical dance and loves to compose poetry. Finished August 2019. Now at Walter Schottky Institute, TUM, working with Prof. Jon Finley.

 Géraud Delport

Krzysztof Galkowski


Géraud was a postdoc in the group from 2018-2020. After finishing in September 2020, he took up a permanent scientist role at the Institute for PhotoVoltaics in île de France (IPVF), CNRS, France.

Krzysztof was a postdoc in the group 2018-202. After finishing in February 2021, he then secured an Assistant Professorship at the University of Wroclaw, Poland.



Jien Tan (NanoDTC Mini project with Prof. Stephan Hofmann, 2019/2020)

Jiratheep Pruchyathamkorn (NanoDTC Mini project with Dr. Tom Bennett, 2019/2020)

Nathan Daeme (Visiting student from University of Liege, February 2020)

Rosemonde Chahbazian (Visiting student from Paris Saclay, Summer 2019)

Eduardo Camarillo-Abad (NanoDTC Mini project with Prof. Rachel Oliver, 2018/2019)

Ruyi Huang (MPhil in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise, Summer 2018)

Tingjun Zhang (Clare College, Undergraduate Summer Student, 2018)

Alexander Vladimirov (Graphene DTC Short Project, 2018)

Harry Jones (Part III Master's Project, 2017/2018)

Joshua Tuffnell (Nano DTC Mini Project with Prof. Rachel Oliver, 2018)

Daniel Ramirez (visting student, University of Antioquia, 6 months 2017/2018)

Bluebell Drummond (NanoDTC Mini project with Dr Laura Torrente and Dr Robert Hoye, 2017/2018)

Kilian Lohmann (Part III Master's Student, 2016/2017)

Zhuo (Joe) Yang (Visiting student from CNRS-Toulouse, February 2017)

Taylor Uekert (Nano DTC Mini Project with Dr Hannah Joyce, 2017)