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Optoelectronic Materials and Device Spectroscopy Group (StranksLab)


PhD Students

Anna Abfalterer

Cullen Chosy


Anna received her BSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and her MSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, USA. During her master studies, Anna focused on the synthesis and characterisation of novel, vacancy-ordered metal halide perovskites under the supervision of Prof. R. Lee Penn. Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks

Cullen grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and studied chemical engineering at Stanford University. His research interests focus on characterizing and engineering emerging semiconductors to enable cheaper and more efficient solar cells. A 2021 Marshall Scholar, he has previously researched contact layers for tandem photovoltaics with Prof. Mike McGehee at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and applications of atomic layer deposition on perovskites with Prof. Stacey Bent at Stanford. Started October 2021.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Yu-Hsien Chiang

Krishanu Dey


Yu-Hsien's phd focuses on wide bandgap perovskite materials and its application on tandem architecture. He was a research assistant in the Department of Photonics in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), working on perovskite solar cells. He received his master degree in Chemistry in NCKU in 2015, where he studied surface chemistry. Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks
Co-supervised by: Miguel Anaya

With a keen interest in the physics and operation of solar cells, Krishanu obtained his M.Eng (by Research) from the National University of Singapore, working on high mobility and highly near-infrared transparent conductive oxides. Currently at Cavendish, his PhD focuses on achieving highly efficient and stable low bandgap perovskite solar cells for subsequent applications to all-perovskite tandems. Previously, he has also worked on CIGS solar cells, III-V tandem solar cells and photoelectrochemical cells. Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Tiarnan Doherty

Kyle Frohna



Started October 2017

Supervised by: Sam Stranks

Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Kangyu Ji

Stuart MacPherson

Kangyu is focusing on film composition and architecture of perovskite solar cells. Beyond that he does some music composing and production including jazz, pop song and film scoring. He also loves anime and strategy games. Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks

Started October 2017.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Ollie Moseley

Kaiwen Zhang

Ollie is a first yearPhD student researching the use of perovskites in low-light PV and photodetector applications. He discovered his passion for optoelectronic devices during his undergraduate Chemistry degree, which included research projects on organic photodiodes and solar cell transport layers.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks

Kaiwen Zhang is a Graphene CDT PhD student focusing on understanding of quantum confinement in 2D perovskite nanocrystals, high efficiency and tunable electroluminescence, and synthesis of perovskite nanocrystals with isolating shells using continuous flow chemistry. He is jointly supervised by Dr. Laura Torrente (Chemical Engineering), Dr. Robert Hoye (Materials) and Dr. Sam Stranks. Started October 2018.

Supervised by: Laura Torrente
Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks, Robert Hoye



Edoardo Ruggeri

Kieran Orr




Started October 2017.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks

Kieran is investigating the role that strain can play in hindering device performance for perovskite solar cells. Combining 3D strain and luminescence maps of perovskite films will hopefully lead to improvements in efficiency and our understanding of device function. He joined the group in October 2019 from the University of Oxford where he obtained his Master of Chemistry.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Jordi Ferrer

Affan Iqbal



Jordi's is a NanoDTC student, working together with the Electron Microscopy Group in Materials Science. In his PhD, he aims at developing new in situ electron microscopy techniques to probe the local structure of perovskite structures using the electron beam. Started October 2019.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks
Co-supervised by: Cate Ducati

Affan is a PhD student studying the interplay amongst strain, light and charge dynamics. He did his master's thesis with Prof Marin Alexe studying photoferrroic effects in oxide perovskites. Started October 2019.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks
Co-supervised by: Miguel Anaya



Alice Dearle

Zher Ying Ooi



Alice is a NanoDTC PhD student and is jointly supervised by Prof. Stephan Hofmann in Electrical Engineering. Her research now focusses on the growth and characterisation of hybrid perovskite single crystals. She completely her undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh (MChem) and has previously worked on hBN growth and molecular iron nanomagnets.

Supervised by: Stephan Hofmann
Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks


Zher is a PhD student interested in producing novel perovskite photonic structure to enable colour conversion and light enhancement. She joins the group after completing her MPhil in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise at MSM, University of Cambridge. Started October 2020.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks





Simone Eizagirre Barker

Hayden Salway



Simone is a NanoDTC PhD student jointly supervised by Prof. Mete Atatüre in the Quantum Optical Materials and Systems Group. She is interested the magneto-optical properties of novel quantum emitting systems and their applications as single-photon sources. Started October 2020.

Supervised by: Mete Atature
Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks

Hayden is a Sensor CDT PhD student supervised by Dr. Miguel Anaya working together with the Adsorption and Advanced Materials group in the department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. His research focusses on the synthesis and characterisation of Perovskite composites for X-ray detection. He previously completed his MRes at the University of Cambridge and his undergraduate studies (MChem) at Loughborough University. Started October 2020. 

Supervised by: Miguel Anaya
Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks, David Fairen-Jimenez




Alessandro James Mirabelli

Marion Isabelle May Short

Alessandro completed his BSc and MSc in Bologna under Prof. Fraboni. For his thesis he spent 6 months at KAUST in Prof. DeWolf's group where he worked on the fabrication of Perovskite/Silicon Bifacial solar cells. His research at the Cavendish Laboratory will focus on creating Perovskite LEDs. Started October 2020.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks
Co-supervised by: Miguel Anaya

Marion is a NanoDTC PhD student jointly supervised by Professor Erwin Reisner in the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry, working on developing photoelectrochemical semi-artificial leaf devices for solar fuel synthesis. Started October 2021.

Supervised by: Erwin Reisner
Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks



Yorrick Boeije

Barnaby Lewis

Yorrick is interested in how nuclear dynamics affect exciton and charge transport at the femtosecond timescale in various optoelectronic materials. When combining this temporal resolution with nanometer spatial resolution, these interactions may be linked to local heterogeneous features, such as defects. This could elucidate the role of defects, as well as the intimate connection with nuclear dynamics involved in nonradiative decay, which should be minimized to enhance optoelectronic performance. Yorrick completed his BSc and MSc in Chemistry in Amsterdam. Started October 2021.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks
Co-supervised by: Akshay Rao

Barnaby graduated from the University of Warwick with an integrated master's degree in 2019. During his 3rd year, he completed a 14-week research project on the synthesis and structure of iron spin-crossover complexes in the Murray Group of Monash University, Australia. His final year MChem project with the Stavros Group, Warwick, focussed on the ultra-fast kinetics of molecular switches using transient absorption spectroscopy. After a 2-year break from research in industry, he will be using time-resolved spectroscopy to study emerging semiconductor materials including perovskites and perovskite-inspired materials. Started 2021.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks



Weizhe Lin



Weizhe Lin is a visiting PhD of Stranks Lab and is registered at Department of Engineering. He is inspired by the rapid development of machine learning tools and is interested in their applications in scientific research. He received his BA/MEng degree in 2021, and will initiate some collaborations in the field of machine intelligence with Stranks Lab during his PhD. Started October 2021.

Supervised by: Bill Byrne












MPhil Students

Isabella Sandak-Lewin



On a mission to improve quality of life through innovative healthcare solutions, Isabella obtained her BEng in biomedical engineering at King’s College London. Here, she coupled machine learning for kinematic control of concentric tube surgical robots. Currently, she is undertaking her MPhil in biotechnology where she hopes to explore upconversion nanoparticles for deep tissue optogenetics.

Supervised by: Miguel Anaya
​​​​​​​Co-supervised by: Sam Stranks


MEng Students

Eloise Christie



Eloise is a fourth-year chemical engineering student, completing her MEng research project with Stranks Lab. This project involves investigating synthesis for phase-pure 2D perovskite crystals, including characterisation and optimisation for these materials and their production.

Supervised by: Sam Stranks / Miguel Anaya